Newton County Arkansas
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T-Shirt Design Contest

Open to High School Age Kids 7-12th Grades

If you’ve got an awesome idea for this year’s t-shirt submit it by March 16, 2018.

If your design is chosen it could end up for sale at this years festival! You will get bragging rights, public recognition at the festival, a great addition to your portfolio and a free printed t-shirt.


The guidelines below provided will be the instructions you’ll need for a great contest submission! Below are some examples of the t-shirt parameters are for your design!

IMAGE COLOR  We recognize multiple colors may make lovely designs, however we prefer one color designs. Keep in mind designs will be printed in white or cream on a variety of colored shirts.

IMAGE SIZE When creating your design we require it to be no larger than a sheet of paper 11 inches wide by 8.5 inches tall. 

IMAGE QUALITY All designs must be either vector art or a resolution of at least 300 DPI. We also accept traditional art, so long as the scanned copy is of high resolution, then you’re OK. If you are unable to scan image for submission, please contact Tammy Casey at to make arrangements to have the image scanned. We want you to keep the original. 

IMAGE INCLUSIONS Your design must incorporate the following :

1. The phrase “Jasper, AR” or a variant thereof. 

2. Elk

The phrase “Buffalo River Elk Festival”, or a variant thereof.  (optional)

Preference will be given to designs successfully incorporating elements related to Jasper, Newton County, the elk and/or the Buffalo National River.


-Copyright infringement: Designs cannot mix properties, copyright, or trademarks outside the property of the given contest. Design must be the sole ownership of the entrant, and/or have written permission from the artist for its use. Designs are not arranging images found on the internet and placing them on a t-shirt. Parents of kids under 18 must give consent for original works to be used by the Buffalo River Elk Festival.

-Obscenity: We will automatically reject any obscene items. (Don't even bother.) That includes but not limited to any defamatory, indecent or lewd artwork, threats to a person, business, place, or group, images depicting illegal activity. 

-Off Brand: Designs that show characters, things, and places in a direction that is not in line with the spirit of the festival can be rejected.

Submit your design with the following Copyright release:


I hereby grant to BUFFALO RIVER ELK FESTIVAL, INC. permission to use the following copyrighted material (listed below)  I am granting the BUFFALO RIVER ELK FESTIVAL, INC.  permission for non-exclusive rights to use the written work(s), image(s), and/or art object(s) described below in this and future editions of the following project:

Project Name: Buffalo River Elk Festival

Description of Copyrighted Material





I certify that no other individual or parties hold copyright interest in the work(s) described above, that I hold all rights to the works listed, and that the license granted herein does not violate any third-party rights or applicable laws. I hereby certify and covenant that I am of legal age (a parent or legal guardian must sign for a minor), or if applicable, that I am authorized to sign on behalf of the entity listed below.

Printed Name __________________________________________________________________________

Signature _________________________________________________________ Date________________

Parent/Guardian Signature____________________________________________Date________________


Street Address _________________________________________________________________________

City, State _______________________________________________________ ZIP Code ______________

Phone Number _________________________________________________________________________

Email Address _________________________________________________________________________





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Silver ReMax Unlimited, Inc

Silver Casey's General Store

Silver Upper Buffalo River Merchants Assoc.

Silver Yeager's Junction Quickstop