Newton County Arkansas
Gold - Ritter


Preparations are underway for 22nd anniversary Buffalo River Elk Festival.

 We are looking for high quality products, either handmade or unique and beautiful. Artisans and crafters are encouraged to apply. Food vendors with creative menus that stick to the theme of the event are encouraged to apply . We do not duplicate craft or food booths. If you were selected as a vendor last year, it does not guarantee your acceptance this year.

All vendor applications will be reviewed to ensure your product or service is the right fit for our festival.


All vendors must READ and AGREE to the Terms and Condions.  These terms will be strictly enforced. 


Silver Harps Food Stores

Silver Anstaff

Silver ReMax Unlimited, Inc

Silver Casey's General Store

Silver Upper Buffalo River Merchants Assoc.

Silver Yeager's Junction Quickstop