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Q: Why don't you change the date of the festival to a cooler time of year?

A: The festival is inextricably tied to the AGFC elk permit process. It can't be moved to earlier in the year because the AGFC has to have time to decide how many permits will be issued. It can't be moved to later in the year because the hunters who successfully obtain a permit need time to plan for their hunting trip. Yes it's hot, but that's why we have plenty of water and food vendors! If you get too hot you can always kick it for a while in our designated cooling spot, the Newton County Senior Center or one of the local businesses!

Q: Where are the vendors supposed to check in?

A: All vendors must check in at the Ozark Rentals office located next to the Ozark Cafe on the Historic Downtown Square in Jasper, AR. The address is 109 Court St which is the corner of Hwy 7 and Spring Street The office will be open late Thursday evening to welcome the vendors.

Q: Who do we ask if we need help?

A: Our staff wear badges to indicate our position with the Elk Festival. For 2018 we will all be wearing matching t-shirts. If you need assistance with anything, find one of us and let us know. We are happy to assist.


Silver Casey's General Store

Silver Anstaff

Silver Newton County Chamer Of Commerce

Silver Yeager's Junction Quickstop